Dr. Francois Henrotte
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RWTH - Aachen University - Institut fur Elektrische Maschinen - Germany
The energy viewpoint in computational electromagnetics

Dr. Irina Munteanu
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CST - Germany
RF & Microwave Simulation with the Finite Integration Technique - From component to system design
Circuit Simulation
Prof. Athanasios C. Antoulas
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Rice University - Electrical and Computer Engineering Dpt. ECE, Houston, Texas - USA
Approximation of large-scale dynamical systems: An overview and some new results

Dr. Janne Roos
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Helsinki University of Technology, Circuit Theory Lab - APLAC - Finland
Overview of Circuit-Simulation Activities at TKK CTL

Prof. Luis Miguel Silveira
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Technical University of Lisbon (IST), School of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, INESC-ID, Lisbon - Portugal
Outstanding Challenges in Model Order Reduction
Coupled Problems
Dr. Herbert De Gersem
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Technical University Darmstadt, Computational Electromagnetics Lab. - TEMF - Germany
Transient field-circuit coupled models with switching elements for the simulation of electric energy transducers

Dr. Andrea Marmiroli
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STMicroelectronics, - Italy
Technology and Device modelling in micro and nanoelectronics: current and future challenges
Generic Mathematical and Computational Methods
Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth
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Stuttgart University - Institut fur Angewandte Analysis und Numerische Simulation IANS - Germany
Advances in Mathematical and Computational Methods Applied in Electrical Engineering

Prof. Piet Hemker
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Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science - CWI, Dpt. Modelling, Analysis and Simulation, Amsterdam, Univ. of Amsterdam, Dpt.of Mathematics, - The Netherlands
Space mapping and defect correction for efficient optimization


Philips http://www.philips.nl

Infineon http://www.infineon.com

ST Microelectronics http://www.st.com

IEEE Romania Section http://www.ieee.ro

CEEX programme http://www.mct-excelenta.ro

Computer Simulation Technology http://www.cst.com